BFI Trip


On Thursday the 16th of November, we went on a Media trip to the BFI to learn about our course and media texts. It was a very educational trip which gave us a lot of useful information on the media texts we have already studied and the texts we are going to study in the future. We learnt about how typical charity adverts plays on the feeling of guilt and sympathy whereas the Wateraid advertisement plays on the feelings of satisfaction and good doing.

We also looked at texts we are not studying however, they gave us a lot of information in terms of how we should analyse texts properly and in detail. We looked at the Channel 4 show Humans. It explored issues such as: police brutality, corruption, the advancement of technology, typical family representation etc. We also analysed technical codes and the different types of shots used to portray certain things and elements in certain ways. This will be useful in analysing all the media texts we are studying, especially audio. We also looked at music videos (Formation by Beyoncé and Million Reasons by Lady Gaga) and Mr Robot which is a series based around technology.

Overall, this trip gave us valuable information which developed our understanding and helped us to develop relevant skills that we need in A level Media Studies.

By Gospel Mahele