Charles Dickens Museum

On the 13th February, the English department took a group of Year 11 students to the Charles Dickens museum for a tour and a workshop on their GCSE text, A Christmas Carol.

We were given a brilliant tour of Dickens’ former home; we saw the desk at which he wrote many of his most famous works, his reading podium he took on tour though America, the mirror in which he used to practice his characters, and many other fascinating objects from his life. Our tour guide, a former English teacher himself, shared many contextual insights the students can use in their exam. He also made some great specific links between the museum and A Christmas Carol– such as showing us the copper in the kitchen, just like the one Mrs Cratchit makes her Christmas pudding in- which really brought the house to life.

We also attended a workshop during which we were all able to look at some manuscript pages of A Christmas Carol from the Museum’s archive and consider Dickens’ writing process. We also read and analysed some non-fiction pieces he had written at the time, which shed further light on his views about poverty and wealth; this was great for the students’ contextual understanding of the book.

We finished the trip with a sunny lunch in Coram’s fields before returning home to Loxford, equipped with a more thorough understanding of our GCSE text and well as Dickens’ life and times.