Chromebooks for Learning Scheme

360Chromebooks for Learning Scheme

We are delighted to offer the Chromebooks for Learning Scheme for Loxford Sixth Form students. We are working in partnership with Google and listened to the views of a number of students. Sixth Form students have the opportunity to own a Chromebook for use in school and at home. In school it will link to the wifi and students will be able to work as they would on a school PC and access the same filtered websites available on other school laptops and PC’s. At home students will be able to join to their own wifi. They will have a Google account, Cloud storage using Google Drive and access to many educational apps. We will support students in getting the most out of their Chromebook and encourage them to use it in lessons and their study time to create, share and collaborate using Google Apps for Education.

Full details of the scheme can be found here

A list of frequently asked questions can be found here

If you wish to join the scheme then please complete this application and return it to the school finance office