Economics Workshop at Middlesex University

On Wednesday the 5th of July the Economics Department took 17 students to Middlesex University to take part in an Economic workshop. The students participated in 4 experiments throughout the day. The students were outstanding and the school was complimented on the level of dedication and participation the students gave!

Reviews from year 12 students

‘I found the lecture very engaging, interesting and educational to say the least. The lecturer created a very friendly atmosphere which lingered throughout the lecture.’


‘This lecture was a very helpful and useful educational experience as the engagement caused everyone to put in their best efforts throughout making the trip extremely enjoyable and informative.’


‘The entire experience was a highly enjoyable and education one, and I’d absolutely recommend anyone, if they do get the chance, to attend the workshop.’


‘The second, and my personal favourite, experiment consisted of the attendees being divided into several groups yet again, but with the groups being divided into two sub categories: Buyers and sellers.’

economics_lecture1 economics_lecture2 economics_lecture3