Media Studies BFI IMAX Trip

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On Wednesday 29th November, thirty two KS5 media students went on a trip to the BFI IMAX to watch Justice League. It was an exhilarating experience as we were able to watch Justice League on the biggest screen in Europe. At the beginning of the movie, a speech was given about the history of the cinema which gave us information about the institution; we learnt that the screen is 26m by 20m with a total screen size of 520m2. There are also 485 seats to allow as many people to fit into one screening as there is only one screen in the whole cinema.

We watched the movie in 3D, which made the experience that much more exciting. Experiencing this first hand made the experience more rich and we had the full effect of 3D due to the big screen and vibrant sound effects. The sound with the 3D allowed us to feel part of the movie as the sound came from every direction. Compared to your normal local cinema which has a limited screen and doesn’t have as crisp sound quality as the IMAX. The movie in general was unbelievable as it was action packed. One of my fellow classmates said “it was sick”.

Overall, this trip gave us valuable experience which developed our knowledge of the BFI IMAX and the opportunity to enjoy a thrilling, blockbuster movie in 3D.

By Madeeha Faisal Y13