Physics Trip to A level Science Live

The day started with an intriguing talk on how Physics can revolutionise Biology by Professor Jim Al-Khalili with talk of quantum tunneling which left students “on a higher orbital energy level!”. Followed by a talk on The secrets of particle accelerators by Doctor Suzie Sheehy with demonstrations and examples of parts of a particle accelerator. After which a student remarks, “next stop become the flash!”.

This was followed by a mind boggling lecture on Dark Energy and Dark Matter by Doctor Andrew Pontzen which put some of the students (& teacher) to sleep! Next we witnessed how fluid mechanics and mechanics in general affects us in our daily life down to finding out which of two eggs are boiling by spinning them, in a lecture by Dr Helen Czerski.

The day ended with a discussion of what is Time, by Doctor Michael Brooks. Is it controlled by gravity or high adrenaline situations? Can you travel forwards through time into the distant future or backwards in time? But then Time ran out so we had to leave for home!