The school’s statutory policies can be found on the Loxford School Trust website. Please click here to view the policies

In additional to the above policies, we also have the following which are specific to our school:

Accessibility Plan
Admission Arrangements

Admission Policy
Admissions Procedure – 6th Form
Behaviour Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Complaints Policy & Procedures
Equality Act 2010: Equality Objectives Vision
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
SEND Policy

Parent Information on protocol for accepting Students into school whilst on crutches

Human Resources Policies and Procedures at Loxford School Trust

All policies and procedures are held locally in all Loxford Trust Schools’.
To receive a copy please speak to the HR Officer at the school: List of Policies


The safety and well-being of our students is our primary concern.

The School takes the welfare and safety of students very seriously, working hard to reduce all the kinds of harm that children can suffer, including abuse, bullying, discrimination and avoidable injuries. We strive to make sure that every student in the School feels secure, well cared for, and able to reach their full potential.

The School understands and is committed to the vital contribution that all Governors, staff, parents and students can make to safeguarding children. Our curriculum is designed to create awareness in students of safeguarding issues and how to deal with them. Training of all staff in identifying, reporting procedures and dealing with such issues is regular and thorough.

We will continue to ensure that all our staff, other professionals, parents/carers and students work together to know the rules about keeping children safe. They will understand the importance of following procedures and listening to each other, especially when there are concerns about safety.

Our procedures comply with the letter and the spirit of guidance, regulation and best practice.

Our policies which contain further details can be found on the Trust website, using the link at the top of the page.

You can access the Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre directly via

E-mail contacts are available below but if you have any concerns at all about the safety or welfare of a child please make immediate contact by telephone and be sure to clear that there may be a safeguarding issue.

If you believe that a child is in imminent danger please contact the police. Dial 999.

The School Lead Designated Child Protection Officer (Loxford Secondary and Primary) is Mr. J Mackay (Assistant Headteacher) who can be contacted via the School E-mail

The School Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer (Loxford Secondary and Primary) is Mr. K Madhani (Assistant Headteacher) who can be contacted via the School E-mail

All contacts above can be reached by telephone on 0208 514 4666.