Loxford Staff List

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mrs A Johnson CEO of Loxford School Trust
Headteacher of Loxford School
Mr A Bainbridge Senior Deputy Headteacher
Mr O Curcio Senior Deputy Headteacher
Mme M-P Zanot Deputy Headteacher
Mr R Tannahill Director of Assessment, Recording and Reporting
Mr M Rowley Director of Learning
Mrs N Gallimore Director of Primary
Head of Primary Phase (Headteacher)
Mr N Ali Director of Science
Mr D Faure Director of SEND
Miss A Loveng Director of Finance and Operations
Ms M Cantero-Martinez Assistant Headteacher
Mr H Ioannou Assistant Headteacher
Mrs R Kakkad Assistant Headteacher
Mr K Madhani Assistant Headteacher
Miss L Roberts Assistant Headteacher
Mr D Thurairasasingam Assistant Headteacher
Mr K Davey Assistant Headteacher with Responsibility for Lead Practitioners Trust Wide
Mr J MacKay Acting Assistant Headteacher
Miss A Mathurin Acting Assistant Headteacher (Primary)

Achievement Team Leader (ATL)

Miss C Meek Year 7
Miss R McCarthy Year 8
Miss D Charlton Year 9
Mr G Forster Year 10
Mr J Francis Year 11
Mr D Monk Year 12
Mrs S Smith-Newsam Year 13

Curriculum Team Leader (CTL)

Mrs L Spring Art and Photography
Miss S Reeves Business Studies, Economics, Accounts and Law
Mr S Sophos Drama
Mrs B Giarrusso
Mr A Rafiq
Miss L Hyams English
Ms A-M Thompson Food Technology
Mr R Howe Geography
Miss S Smith History
Mr N Lee Humanities
Mr M Dixon Computing
Mr M Higgins Mathematics
Mr G Rushworth Media Studies
Mr A Erulin MFL
Mrs N Heron PE
Mr J Rieger Performing Arts
Miss Y Stephens RE
Mrs P Oremosu Science
Miss J Wood SENCO
Mr L Pop Social Inclusion Co-Ordinator
Miss C Davies
Ms L Carpenter
Social Sciences
Mr R Gray Technology
Mrs M Taylor Textiles

Teaching Staff

Art, Photography and Graphics

Mrs L Spring CTL of Art and Photography
Mr N Akhtar Teacher of Art
Mr J Kilday Teacher of Art
Miss C Qualter Teacher of Art

Business, Economics, Accounts & Law

Miss S Reeves CTL of Business Studies, Economics, Accounts and Law
Miss Y Peppas 2IC of Business Studies (IC of KS5 Business Studies)
Mr M Taunque Teacher of Business/KS4 Co-Ordinator
Mr A Mendonca Teacher of Business/I/C of International Schools
Ms R Akhtar-Lais Teacher of Business Studies
Mr N Haque Teacher of Business Studies
Ms I Martin Teacher of Business Studies
Miss J Pannu Teacher of Business Studies
Mr J Patel Teacher of Business Studies
Miss A Yasin Teacher of Law
Miss J Zahid Teacher of Law


Mr M Dixon CTL of Computing
Miss S Rahman 2IC of Computing
Mrs S Smith-Newsam Teacher of Computing/ATL
Mr A Huxtable Teacher of Computing/E-Learning Co-ordinator
Miss M Malik Teacher of Computing/Lead of KS4 Computing
Mr A Johnson Teacher of Computing/Lead Practitioner
Mr A Adenola Teacher of Computing
Mr P Daruwalla Teacher of Computing

Design & Technology – Food

Ms A-M Thompson CTL of Food Technology

Design & Technology –  Textiles

Mrs M Taylor CTL of Textiles
Miss T Reohorn Teacher of Textiles

Design & Technology –  Product Design

Mr R Gray CTL of Technology
Mr P Ruta Teacher of Technology/I/C of Systems and Electronics
Miss S Hunter Teacher of Technology/Lead Teacher of Graphics
Mr T Mee Teacher of Technology
Miss C Patel Teacher of Technology
Miss E Philip Teacher of Technology


Miss L Hyams CTL of English
Miss Y Sadek 2IC of English – In charge of Language across English
Miss J Southward 2IC of English – In charge of Literature across English
Miss S Appiah-Carr Teacher of English & Media Studies/2IC of SEND
Mr J Cook Teacher of English/Associate Lead Teacher for Gifted and Talented Provision
Mr R Jennings Teacher of English/Lead in KS5 English
Mr S Aminzade Teacher of English/Teacher Responsible for Teaching and Learning with NQTs and Teachers in Training
Miss A Lambden Teacher of English/Year 8 English Co-Ordinator
Miss S Begum Teacher of English
Miss E Black Teacher of English
Mr J Claxton Teacher of English
Miss O Hanson Teacher of English
Mr M Knox Teacher of English
Miss K Lipscombe-Ridley Teacher of English
Mr S Mills Teacher of English
Mr D Piper Teacher of English
Miss E Sharma Teacher of English
Miss D Wainwright Teacher of English

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Mrs B Giarrusso Joint Acting CTL of EAL
Mr A Rafiq Joint Acting CTL of EAL
Mrs D Hossain Instructor of Urdu & Bengali
Ms K Henry Teacher of EAL


Mr N Lee CTL of Humanities
Mr R Howe CTL of Geography
Miss L Bull Teacher of Geography/Responsible for Student  Council
Mr K Chitumbo Teacher of Geography
Miss R McCarthy Teacher of Geography/ATL
Mr N Williams Teacher of Geography


Mr N Lee CTL of Humanities
Miss S Smith CTL of History
Mr J Conalty Teacher of History
Mr J Sibley Teacher of History
Miss C Waddingham Teacher of History
Ms E White Teacher of History


Mr M Higgins CTL of Mathematics
Mr S Mohammed 2IC of Mathematics
Mr Y Sahardid 2IC of Mathematics
Ms T Ansari Teacher of Mathematics with responsibility for KS5
Miss C Meek Teacher of Mathematics/ATL
Mr W Tariq Teacher of Mathematics/Lead Practitioner
Mrs A Hallan Teacher of Mathematics/Year 7 Co-Ordinator
Mrs F Ahmed Teacher of Mathematics
Mr H Ali Teacher of Mathematics
Mr A Desai Teacher of Mathematics
Mr R Islam Teacher of Mathematics
Miss S Khatun Teacher of Mathematics
Mr T Lai Teacher of Mathematics
Mr S Miah Teacher of Mathematics
Mr D Mohindra Teacher of Mathematics
Ms A Mulla Teacher of Mathematics
Miss R Scurtu Teacher of Mathematics
Mr L Terrelonge Teacher of Mathematics

Media Studies

Mr G Rushworth Acting CTL of Media Studies
Mr G Bailey Teacher of Media Studies
Ms R Bukhari Teacher of Media Studies
Miss Y Sadek Teacher of Media Studies & English

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Mr A Erulin CTL of MFL
Miss E Fitton Teacher of MFL/Lead Teacher of Languages
Miss J Gugliara Teacher of MFL/Lead Teacher of Spanish
Mrs J Ghosh Teacher of MFL/Primary Lead Teacher of Languages and Community
Miss L Diserud Teacher of MFL
Miss S Douglas-Bhanot Teacher of MFL
Mrs F Melo Peet Teacher of MFL

Performing Arts

Mr J Rieger CTL of Performing Arts
Mr S Sophos CTL of Drama
Miss M Shaunak Teacher of Music & Drama/IC Musical Productions and Enrichment Programmes for Music and Drama
Miss D Charlton Teacher of Drama/ATL
Mr D Monk Teacher of Drama/ATL
Miss E Turner Teacher of Drama
Mr W Ingando Instructor of Music
Mr D Louis Instructor of Music

Physical Education (PE)

Mrs N Heron CTL of PE
Mr D O’Leary 2IC of PE
Miss G Sewell 2IC of PE
Mr G Forster Teacher of  PE/ATL
Mr J Francis Teacher of  PE/ATL
Miss N Hill Teacher of PE
Mr B O’Gorman Teacher of PE
Mrs T Statovci Teacher of PE/Ext 17

Religious Education (RE)

Mr N Lee CTL of Humanities
Miss Y Stephens CTL of RE
Ms N Ullah Teacher of RE/Lead Teacher for Gifted and Talented
Mr S Madigan Teacher of RE
Mrs F Patel Teacher of RE


Mrs P Oremosu CTL of Science
Mr A Anwar Teacher of Science/Lead Practitioner
Mr B Purkayastha Teacher of Science/Lead Teacher – Year 10
Mrs A Sajeev Teacher of Science/Lead Teacher – Year 11
Ms S Hossain Teacher of Science/Lead Teacher – Year 7
Mr M Mahmood Teacher of Science/Lead Teacher – Year 9
Mr B Ahmed Teacher of Science/Lead Teacher of Physics/E-Learning Co-Ordinator
Mr E Frimpong Teacher Responsible for KS4 Science/OCR Nationals Coordinator
Mr B Abraham Teacher of Science
Mr J Ahmed Teacher of Science
Mrs E Chimunye Teacher of Science
Ms S Eddo Teacher of Science
Mrs G Geke Teacher of Science
Mrs S Khyar Teacher of Science
Miss Z Zahoor Teacher of Science

Social Sciences

Miss C Davies Lead Teacher of Sociology
Ms L Carpenter Lead Teacher of Psychology
Miss D John Teacher of Psychology

Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Miss J Wood SENCO
Miss S Appiah-Carr 2IC of SEND/Teacher of English & Media Studies
Ms A Mulla Teacher of Mathematics/Acting 2IC of SEND
Mrs M Tye SEND Teacher/IAG Coordinator


Ms V Lebrasse 6th Form Supervisor
Mr V Tasker 6th Form Supervisor
Miss A Awan Cover Supervisor
Mrs M Bajwa Cover Supervisor
Miss S Demetrius Cover Supervisor
Mr D O’Flanagan Cover Supervisor

Support Staff

Science Technicians

Mrs H Mahill Senior Science Technician
Mrs R Begum Science Technician
Mrs K Naik Science Technician
Miss K Wake Science Technician
Miss L Corsinie Science Technician
Miss S Musa Science Technician

Learning Resource Centre

Mrs L Kanolik LRC Manager & Extended Schools Service
Miss L Atkinson Library Assistant
Mrs S James Library Assistant

Technology Technician

Mr A Spratt Technology Technician

Food Technology Technician

Mrs I Camara Food Technician

Art & Design Technician

Mr P Ashton Art and Design Technician
Mr J Gevaux Art and Design Technician

Learning Support Assistant (LSA)

Mrs B Nandrha Lead Teacher of Numeracy
Mrs R Bhudia Secondary (LSA)
Mrs W Caliskan Secondary (LSA)
Ms R Chitbahal Secondary (LSA)
Mr L Howard Secondary (LSA)
Miss R Khela Secondary (LSA)
Ms R Mumtaz Secondary (LSA)
Ms Z Nassar Secondary (LSA)
Miss H Rab Secondary (LSA)
Ms M Richardson Secondary (LSA)
Mrs D Shoesmith Secondary (LSA)

Year Care Team (YCT)

Mr A Jinmi Head of YCT / YCT of Year 13
Mrs K Colls 2IC of YCT / YCT of Year 10
Ms E Lang YCT of Year 7
Ms J Goddard YCT of Year 8
Mrs B Kaur YCT of Year 9
Miss D Siequien YCT of Year 11
Ms S Longmore YCT of Year 12

Admin Team

Mr J Glassman HR Manager
Mr I Hasib Administrator (HR)
Mr L Newton Safeguarding Officer (Trust)
Mr T Lyford Executive Officer for Headteacher
Ms T Siequien PA to CEO
Mrs S Iqbal Exams Officer
Mrs K Butler Office Manager
Mrs J Lard PA to the SLT
Mrs L Khan Attendance Officer
Ms L Yarwood Student Welfare Officer
Miss B Anum 6th Form Administrator and UCAS Officer
Mr A Andrade Administrator
Mrs J Clarke Administrator
Mr P Cox Administrator
Ms T Din Administrator
Mrs J Johnson Administrator
Mr P Steinsson Administrator
Ms Y Kao Head Receptionist


Miss A Loveng Director of Finance and Operations
Miss R Sekiziyivu Senior Finance and Operations Administrator
Miss H Raja Finance Administrator
Mr I Kalsi Financial Systems Support and Website Manager


Mrs P Gammans Facilities Manager
Mr P Greenslade Site Manager
Mr M Bhatti Assistant Caretaker
Mr N Buckley Assistant Caretaker
Mr D Jacobs Assistant Caretaker
Mr D McNeish Assistant Caretaker
Mr G Potter Assistant Caretaker
Mr M Sinclair Assistant Caretaker
Miss N Gallon Head Lifeguard/Assistant Caretaker
Mr W Isbell Lifeguard/Assistant Caretaker

ICT Support

Mr P Patel Director of IT
Mr B Grant Head of ICT Support
Mr J Sotiri Assistant Head of ICT Support
Mr A Alexandre Media Resources Manager
Mr J Nwosu Senior ICT Technician


Mrs E Adeji MDA
Ms S Afzal MDA
Mrs B Agnihotri MDA
Mrs P Begum MDA
Mrs M Bhari MDA
Mrs H Bhogal MDA
Mrs N Bhogal MDA
Mrs A Chahil MDA
Mrs P Dhiman MDA
Mrs S Kalia MDA
Mrs R Kaur MDA
Mrs K Kawol MDA
Ms F Maya MDA
Mrs K Middleburgh MDA
Miss J Pabila MDA
Mrs S Sethi MDA
Mrs M Singh MDA
Mrs F Uddin MDA

Loxford Primary Staff List

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mrs N Gallimore Director of Primary – Head of Primary Phase
Miss A Mathurin Acting Assistant Head
Ms S Doe SENCo

Teaching Staff

Ms R Sarwar Nursery Teacher
Miss C Jones EYFS Lead and Teacher
Ms S Ali Reception Teacher
Miss J Shaw Reception Teacher
Ms S Abbasi Reception Teacher
Ms T Hoque Year 1 Teacher
Ms R Hussein Year 1 Teacher
Miss K Mills Year 1 Lead Teacher
Mrs M Padan Year 1 Teacher
Ms A Doctors Year 2 Lead Teacher and Art co-ordinator (Job Share)
Mrs M Bibi Year 2 Teacher (Job Share)
Miss J Barrington Year 2 Teacher
Miss S Mathurin Year 2 Teacher
Miss R Yasmin Year 2 Teacher
Mrs N Bedi Year 3 Lead Teacher
Mr A Seaman Year 3 Teacher and Global Learning co-ordinator
Miss A Munir Year 3 Teacher
Mr M Karcz Year 3 Teacher, Year 4 Lead, History co-ordinator
Miss L Begum Year 4 Teacher and Science co-ordinator
Miss J Singaram Year 4 Teacher
Mrs K Vice Year 4 Teacher
Mr S Hardy Year 4 Teacher
Mr M Judge Year 5 Teacher
Mr R Warlow Year 5 Acting Lead Teacher and ICT co-ordinator
Ms H Gwaje Year 5 Teacher
Miss P Miansiantima Year 5 Teacher
Mr G Skerritt Year 6 Lead Teacher and Maths co-ordinator
Mrs N Lennon Year 6 Teacher and English co-ordinator
Miss S Brough Head of Primary PE
Mr J Griggs Teacher of Primary PE
Mrs N Orlandi MFL Teacher and EAL Lead
Mrs R Hickford PPA Teacher
Mr W Ingando Cover Supervisor
Mrs R Mitrache Cover Supervisor
Mr A Morse Cover Supervisor
Mrs N Saleem Cover Supervisor

Support Staff

Mrs D Munro Lead LSA
Mrs K Whitfield Primary YCT
Mrs Z Shah Nursery Nurse
Miss K Brightman Nursery Teaching Assistant
Ms S Rauf Nursery Teaching Assistant (P/T)
Ms K Brown Nursery / Year 1 LSA
Miss N Kidwai Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Mahmood Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs V Patel Reception Nursery Nurse
Mrs B Hanafi Reception Teaching Assistant
Ms F Miah Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Ms M Bibi Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Miss R Qureshi Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mr M Bhabra Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Begum Year 2 Teaching Assistant / LSA
Mrs P Singh Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Miss M Cheema Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Miss I Ajaz Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Richardson Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Miss S Isaac Year 3 Teaching Assistant / LSA
Mrs G Khan Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Ms N Hussain Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Miss R Bedi Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mr A Malik Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Miss I St Luce Nursery / Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Miss J Soor Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Kaur Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Miss J Smith Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Ms F Hajinur Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Ms S Gulshan Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Ms K Patel Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Ms S Kadri Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Sethi Year 5 LSA
Ms A Futu Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Ali Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Ms R Rahman Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Miss N Bryce Teaching Assistant / LSA

Non-Teaching Staff

Miss R Jeffers Office Manager
Miss S Keene Administrator
Miss J Gardner Attendance Officer
Mr P Mahil Primary Finance and Administrator
Mrs H Tatton Librarian