As a Loxford student you will always be a special part of our history. By signing up to the Loxford alumni network you can be an important part of our future too!

FutureFirst is a charity that helps schools stay in touch with their students after they leave. This group of former students is often known as an ‘alumni network’. The idea is that the school, the former students and the young people who are still there could all benefit from staying connected. We are creating an alumni network.

Why should you join Loxford’s alumni network? It may well be years since you left, but the things you have learnt since you left and the career path you have taken are of great interest to the staff and students who are here now. We know which university you planned to go to, or which industry you hoped to work in, but it’s unlikely everything went exactly to plan! If you feel that your job is not inspirational, remember that every young person is different and there will be many and varying career paths that they aspire to achieve; being a lawyer or a banker isn’t for everyone. If you can be a role model for students in the school who want to do something like you, but don’t know how to get there, you can really make a difference. For our part we will keep you updated on what is happening here.



Stay connected and give something back

There is no denying that Loxford was a large part of your life and we’re looking for former students to sign up to the alumni network to support us in a number of ways and this might even be good for your personal and professional development! We hope to create a network where there are opportunities for members to become inspiring role models for young people; Act as either an online or in-person mentor; Volunteer to help out with school activities or even offer work experience opportunities to current students.

Ask for advice and build your CV

If you stay in touch now, some of your old teachers might be able to help you out getting your dream job in the future by providing career advice or a voluntary work placement.

Sign up today!

Signing up is easy and will take no more than 1-2 minutes.

image_1398950412_53624a0c99290All you need to do is:

Step 1 – Follow the link to the online form.

Step 2 – Fill in a few personal details then check and agree to the privacy policy.

Step 3 – We’ll keep in touch! Don’t worry, you won’t be bombarded – just a few updates every now and again!

If you know anyone (your son/daughter, relative etc) or are part of another social media group then please feel free to pass on this information. You can print a copy of the form and hand it into the school reception.

You might wish to read the Guide for Former Students which was published by Future First.

Current students in year 11 and 13 will hear more in an assembly before you leave. For more information please read a Guide for School Leavers.

FutureFirst is a registered charity and their Privacy Policy can be read using this link – Privacy policy.