Visit to Technical Skills Academy

Our older students have the opportunity to visit some of the local colleges to give them the chance to find out more about their Post-16 options and get a taste of what college is like.

Last year our year 10 and 11 students took part in visits to the Technical Skills Academy in Barking. They had the opportunity to take part in classes in Beauty, Catering and Hair and to see the work of other students

The academy has professional facilities including a Beauty Salon and kitchen.

Students learnt some French cooking terms as well as food hygiene. They cooked a quiche and assessed the group’s products.

Students saw how to dress and how to talk to people in Hair and Beauty. They were shown skills in dressing hair and techniques for painting nails.

Trip to Redbridge College

The year 10 and 11 students also had the opportunity to visit Redbridge College. There they were able to meet and talk to different people to learn more about the courses and choices available. The students shared that they found it very educational and it helped them to reflect on what they want to do in the future.

Following the trips students have the opportunity to work with a Careers Advisor in school to help them choose a suitable college course and support them with an application should they wish.

Visit to the Natural History Museum

Our 7T class of 2016-17 visited the Natural History Museum in London. They participated in a fossil dig activity and had the chance to hear a talk from one of the curators about the life of dinosaurs and the formation of fossils. The students really enjoyed the trip and were able to reflect on their experience in subsequent lessons.

Some students shared their feedback with us:

‘I enjoyed being out with my friends and digging for fossils.’

‘My favourite part was seeing the robot dinosaur and travelling on the train.’

‘I liked looking at the model dinosaur skulls.’

7T class of 2016-17