Welcome to Year 10



image_1455623117_56c30bcd0189a[1]Welcome to Year 10. The focus this year is to work towards achieving GCSE and/or BTEC qualifications. Students need to embed mature attitudes and commitment towards their new GCSE courses, in order to achieve outstanding grades. With the changes to the current way in which students are assessed we as a school look forward to this exciting time in the student’s academic journey.

At Loxford, we expect students to work hard, but also to widen their experiences by contributing towards the wider life of the school and the community. British themes will be emphasised throughout the year with the use of enrichment trips and assembly themes, in order to prepare students for life beyond Loxford and future higher education.

All students must follow the school Code of Conduct and must be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing to ensure that they maximise all opportunities to succeed within lessons.

The Year 10 team aims to support students’ learning and to ensure that all students reach their full potential. Ms D Charlton, the Achievement Team Leader will oversee student progress and attainment. Mrs Kaur will represent the year care team for issues such as student care, behaviour and wellbeing. Tutors will monitor how students use their planners and advise them on areas concerning personal organisation and academic progress. It is a very important stage of their school career and we are supported in our work by all the subject teachers and staff within the school.

Parental input is extremely important for student success as students may find the courses to be both challenging and daunting. A positive relationship between school and home is integral to the success of all students; it is therefore important that parents and carers contact the school to raise any concerns.

Students’ work is acknowledged and those who display outstanding work and effort are rewarded with certificates, positive letters home and curriculum linked visits. Sanctions are used if students do not meet our high standards and parents are asked to support us in the application of these sanctions.

Students will follow a new linear assessment schedule which means the majority of their GCSE exams will take place in July of 2019. Literacy and numeracy will be a key feature to develop grades with greater emphasis on students gaining 8 1 – 4’s including English and Maths.

The school will facilitate extended opportunities to assist students in their effort to be their best.  SEND and EAL teams within the school will offer students the support needed to achieve and exceed their targets.

After school and during the school holidays, student will be given the opportunity to attend useful revision classes leading up to their GCSE examinations.  We will continue to push our students to make outstanding progress and urge our Year 10 students to continue to aim high and achieve their full potential.

Year 10 is a challenging and demanding year. At Loxford we aim to set an environment which supports both our academically gifted and supports all our students adequately. We look forward to this new challenge and welcome any comments or concerns which you may wish to discuss.

Ms D Charlton
Achievement Team Leaders