District Athletics Competition

On a wet and windy Wednesday 29th June, representative athletes from year 7 and year 8 participated in the District Athletics meet at Ashton playing fields. Students participated in a variety of both track and field events such as 100m, 200m, discus and shot put. All students behaviour and effort displayed across the day was exemplary; they were a credit to Loxford. There were some great team efforts and individual performances.

Well done to the year 8 athletes Tomoni Malcom who placed 6th in the borough in the 800m; Medson Badika who finished 4th in the 300m; Perrance Bokole who finished 4th in the 100m; Gabija Zakaraite who finished 5th in the 100m final; Jennifer Quansah who finished 4th in the 200m final. A special mention to Derek Adenuga in year 7 who was competing in his first athletics meet and finished 2nd overall in the standing triple jump.

The Loxford PE department would like to say a big thank you to all those students and staff involved in organising this event.

Mr O’Leary and Mrs Heron

Community Litter Pick


On Monday 21st March many of our Year 7 students went out into the local area to take part in a litter pick to get the streets clean. Here are some comments from the students that took part in the event:

‘I like the fact that we were all able to work together as a team. We were given litter grabbers and it was really fun because it went well and the streets were so much cleaner when we finished.’

‘We were able to make a real impact on the local community’

‘Helping the community has made me a really proud member of Loxford school and I can’t wait to take part in another event like this’

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Harry Potter Reward Trip – Monday 7th December 2015

As a reward for working hard all term we offered 100 students the chance to come on a trip to Warner Brothers Studio Tours in Watford to the Harry Potter Experience. The students were mainly from Year 7 with a few chosen Year 8 students and some of our retiring Year 10 monitors. We left Loxford at 9.30am to travel to the studios and the excitement of all – including the staff – was very apparent.

On arriving at Warner Brothers in Leavesden we were ushered inside to begin the tour around the studios. It started with some background information about how the making of the famous Harry Potter films came about and then the main stars of the films spoke of how they had all grown up on the film sets – Daniel Radcliffe was a Year 7 student when he made the first film back in 2000.

We then entered the Great Hall at Hogwarts – the actual set that was used in all of the films. The tables were set out for a grand Christmas feast with Christmas puddings which were bigger than footballs and had special effects flames leaping out of them! The costumes on display throughout the tour were those worn by the actual actors during the films.

We continued round the vast complex looking at artefacts and props from all of the films. We visited Dumbledore’s office, saw the beds that they slept in and watched the real goblet of fire come to life. Some students went to have a go at playing Quidditch – riding on a broomstick in the Hogwarts gown.

At lunch time we were outside where the house that Harry lived in as a muggle on Privet Drive was on display along with the Knight Bus – a triple decker purple bus and the flying Ford Anglia car. It was made even more magical by the intermittent snow that fell on us as we ate our lunches.

We finished the second half of the tour with a visit to the huge gift shop where memorabilia could be purchased – with everything from chocolate frogs, to your very own magic wand on sale.

Once we had all spent our money buying things to remember our amazing day there we headed back to our coaches and set off on our way back to Loxford. A great day was had by all. We all had some funny stories to tell and had learnt a lot more about the Harry Potter films than we knew before. The students did us all proud and behaved exceptionally well. It was lovely to have so many of the students thank us for organising the trip and telling us what a great day they had had.

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Speaker’s School Council Award

image_1425310078_54f4817e81ef7[1]The School council made up of students from Year 2 – Year 12, were given the opportunity to enter the School Speakers Council Award. They presented their idea of Disney, and the ways in which young people have to grow up too fast.

The school council were given support by members of senior management in order to go ahead with their projects to get Disney running throughout the school.

We have organised a trip for students to see Disney on Ice at Wembley Arena, this also supports the schools SMSC policy and ensuring that our students are rounded when they leave at the end of year 11 or 13.

We have also organised Disney viewings of films, the most recent being ‘Frozen’ as the student council decided that this would be a film which they would all like to watch. – We also have plans to organise more Disney viewings in the future, to support our project of keeping young people, involved in their childhoods.

We have also supported the school in showing more Disney / pixar animated films during wet lunches, this has supported our idea on keeping students as children and young.

We have also encouraged older students in the school, to sing Disney songs for example ‘Let it go’ to younger students which has helped them with starting the school day in a positive way, as well as ensuring that students are aware that these older students are role models and able to support younger students should they have issues.

The schools assemblies for achievement had the song ‘Let it go’ from Frozen sang, this became a song for all year groups within the school. This was also emphasised as the final song in the Winter Concert, which was supported by the schools orchestra and music department.

image_1425376175_54f583afcc3f4[1]Students Council Update:

  • We have been able to get more top up machines located in the school to reduce the time trying to load money onto our fingers.
  • We have started out Disney club.
  • We have all had the opportunity to vote in Redbridge Youth Election.
  • Students have supported the celebrations for Chinese New Year, with Chinese food being served in the canteen.
  • We have worked with the police to raise issues which affect young people.
  • We have looked at ways to complete the school pledges to become well rounded individuals.