Rewards Trip to Greenwich Park

On Monday 4th July 30 Year 9 students visited Greenwich Park as a reward for the hard work and achievements gained during the past term.

An excellent time was had by all and the students who thoroughly deserved travelling on the tube and the experience of visiting the Cutty Sark, the Observatory, exploring the foot tunnel under the River Thames and enjoying a tasty picnic.

Students were exceptionally behaved.

Year 9 Achievement Assembly

All year 9 students were invited to the assembly hall period 2 to attend the year’s achievement assembly.

A number of feats were recognised including achievement, progress, Governors award, the Beal award, Pamela Richardson and UK maths challenge.

Congratulations to all students who won and especially 9Y who were crowned Tutor Group of the year.

Well done and have a wonderful safe summer.

Access HEYear 9 Trip to Senate House (AccessHE Expo)

On Wednesday 6th of July eight Year 9 students travelled to Senate House, Russel Square to attend the AccessHE Expo.

These events are for Year 9 students who have the potential to go onto higher education (HE) to find out more about the opportunities available and the benefits of HE.

The Expo encourages students to consider the different elements of HE:

  • Money
  • Academic
  • Social
  • Health

At the event, universities present interactive workshops which encourage students to explore student life and all of its different aspects.

Barclay LifeSkills Workshop

All Year 9 students took part in the Barclays Life Skills Workshop Monday 4th July. Lifeskills is a resource that enables students to develop communication skills, understand how to approach careers, and understand the essentials of managing money. Over half a million young people have benefitted from LifeSkills since it was launched in May 2013 and childrens’ education charity, the Transformation Trust, has delivered professionally facilitated LifeSkills workshops since the start of 2014 to over 20,000 students.


Staying Safe Online – Parental Session

On Wednesday 23rd March,  a session for parents of year 8 & 9 students was held entitled  “Staying safe online.”  At Loxford, we wanted to ensure that we helped parents gain a better understanding of the dangers of the internet and what it has to offer.  The parents were taken through the advantages of the internet and what they are as well as many of the positive aspects of it.  We also talked about how young people can be easily led into giving too much information about themselves over the internet.  The session also included a section on cyber bullying and where to seek help if this ever happened to their child.

The parents left the session feeling empowered and knowing what questions to ask their child to ascertain what they were doing online.

Speaker’s School Council Award

image_1425310078_54f4817e81ef7[1]The School council made up of students from Year 2 – Year 12, were given the opportunity to enter the School Speakers Council Award. They presented their idea of Disney, and the ways in which young people have to grow up too fast.

The school council were given support by members of senior management in order to go ahead with their projects to get Disney running throughout the school.

We have organised a trip for students to see Disney on Ice at Wembley Arena, this also supports the schools SMSC policy and ensuring that our students are rounded when they leave at the end of year 11 or 13.

We have also organised Disney viewings of films, the most recent being ‘Frozen’ as the student council decided that this would be a film which they would all like to watch. – We also have plans to organise more Disney viewings in the future, to support our project of keeping young people, involved in their childhoods.

We have also supported the school in showing more Disney / pixar animated films during wet lunches, this has supported our idea on keeping students as children and young.

We have also encouraged older students in the school, to sing Disney songs for example ‘Let it go’ to younger students which has helped them with starting the school day in a positive way, as well as ensuring that students are aware that these older students are role models and able to support younger students should they have issues.

The schools assemblies for achievement had the song ‘Let it go’ from Frozen sang, this became a song for all year groups within the school. This was also emphasised as the final song in the Winter Concert, which was supported by the schools orchestra and music department.

image_1425376175_54f583afcc3f4[1]Students Council Update:

  • We have been able to get more top up machines located in the school to reduce the time trying to load money onto our fingers.
  • We have started out Disney club.
  • We have all had the opportunity to vote in Redbridge Youth Election.
  • Students have supported the celebrations for Chinese New Year, with Chinese food being served in the canteen.
  • We have worked with the police to raise issues which affect young people.
  • We have looked at ways to complete the school pledges to become well rounded individuals.