In the English Department, we aim to provide students with an inspirational, rigorous and personalised curriculum which develops their written and spoken literacy whilst also instilling in them a genuine love of literature. We create a safe and stimulating learning environment, encouraging students to be independent in their learning. We teach students skills which can be usefully transferred to other subjects and also life skills which empower them in future study and work. The Department secures consistently outstanding results at GCSE and, at A-level, the improvement in attainment over recent years has been dramatic. We seek to maximise all students’ achievement, their progress exceeding that which is expected of them.

A large number of students pursue English into KS5 on one of the two courses we teach at A-level: English Literature and English Language and Literature. We teach A-level English in small classes, encouraging students to work in groups and discuss their ideas with each other. A-level students enjoy reading widely and talk about their reading. They complete homework tasks and independently research and read around their subject areas. English at A-level demands the highest quality of written and verbal communication, and requires students to be imaginative and original in their generation of ideas. We monitor and support A-level students in their transition from KS4 to KS5. Many of our students have been inspired to study English and other related subjects at some of the country’s top universities.

Some students in Year 12 and 13 also resit their English Language GCSE with us, aiming to secure a grade 4 or above in this core GCSE. Students are taught in small classes and practise core examination skills; all sixth form students are expected to do their best to ensure that they leave Loxford with a pass as this GCSE is considered essential for entrance to Higher Education and future employment in quality institutions.

The English Department leads in providing a range of extra-curricular activities, such as the creative writing club Loxford Story. Many A-level students help us lead in this extended curriculum provision. The department promotes reading across the whole school, leading on a variety of initiatives to encourage students to read widely. Curriculum-linked visits are also led by the department, with trips to libraries, theatres, museums, workshops and other locations of literary significance. Outside theatre companies and speakers also come to Loxford to deliver presentations and performances.