Geography is a living, breathing subject, constantly adapting itself to change. It is dynamic and relevant. In addition, Geography is a subject that helps young people into work. Many employers prize the knowledge and skills that studying geography can provide and geography in higher education is thriving. Geography students are among those gaining greatest satisfaction from their studies, and geography graduates have a relatively low level of unemployment. It’s no wonder there is a growing demand to study the subject at university. This is underlined by the Russell Group of Universities, along with the Minister David Willetts MP, who both recognise geography as one of the key “facilitating” subjects for entry to degree level study.


What we offer our students
Sixth form Geography lessons are taught in dedicated rooms that are well equipped and contain a range of resources including interactive whiteboards.

Teachers of Geography in the 6th Form are well qualified, experienced and have a range of specialisms including Coastal Management, Sustainability, Population Geography and Urban Studies. Students benefit from small class sizes in Geography.

Whilst the priority is always for the students to succeed in their A Level examinations, the Geography department offers a well-rounded course that we hope will not only help students achieve academically, but will also give them the skills needed to succeed in Higher Education and in the workplace.

Support for your learning


Below are listed just a few useful websites to both help students enhance their learning in Geography and to inform parents/carer’s of the national programme of study for Geography: