History A-level students complete AQA History A-level. This comprises of two papers a breadth and depth paper. The Breadth paper tests students’ understanding of historical interpretation whilst the Depth examines student’s evaluation of primary sources within their context. Students will also complete an historical investigation, designed to prepare students for undergraduate study. The Historical investigation is an independent enquiry. The students are required to write a 3,500 piece that evaluates primary sources and a range of interpretations by academic historians.

Why study A level History?

History isn’t a subject that is stuck in the past, far from it. Historical events such as the Opium and Falklands Wars, and figures such as Peter the Great and Margaret Thatcher and  have shaped the world we live in. The GCE History course has been designed to help you understand the value and significance of world events in the past. In the process you’ll gain a deeper understanding of social, cultural religious and ethnic diversity which will help improve your understanding of why people act as they do today. By end of the course you will learn how to investigate, evaluate data and explain a range of views.

Career pathway

History is a very popular A-Level choice which is highly respected by all universities because it gives you the knowledge and skills necessary for higher education and which are also useful in any career. Students who specialise in history can go on to become historical researchers and teachers however history also supports other career paths like journalism, politics, economics, law, social work and public services.