image_1452853103_5698c76f64f82[1]Mathematics is the tool and language of commerce, engineering and other sciences – physics, computing, biology etc. It helps us recognise patterns and to understand the world around us. Mathematics plays a vital, often unseen, role in many aspects of modern life.

At Loxford, Mathematics is one of the most popular subjects chosen by students at AS and A2 levels. Mathematics at KS5 in Loxford is driven by dedication, passion and enthusiasm.

Our A-level Mathematics team boasts one of the highest numbers of A-A* grades at A-Level in the school. We also achieve excellent results in Further Mathematics.

A Brief Description of the Course:

This course aims to develop the ability to apply mathematical skills and techniques in other subjects and to lay foundations for the further study of mathematics and other disciplines. Pure Mathematics is learnt through Core Mathematics modules and Further Pure Mathematics modules at AS and A-Level. This extends knowledge of algebra and trigonometry and introduces new ideas such as calculus. Students also study applications of mathematics and will choose between mechanics, statistics and decision. Mechanics is the study of the motion of objects and the forces acting upon them. In the Statistics, they learn how to analyze data and draw conclusions from it using probability and other concepts. Decision is the study of algorithms, critical path analysis and the introduction to optimization.

What do students need to know before taking this course?

You need to have achieved grade 7 or above in your GCSE Mathematics exam to enroll into this course. You need to enjoy the rigorous and challenging nature of mathematics.

For Further Mathematics you need to have achieved grade 7 or above in GCSE Mathematics. You will need a real passion for mathematics together with a strong intuitive grasp of mathematical concepts.

What support is offered?

Distance learning materials are available to complement what has been learnt in lessons through our e-learning platform, including Google classroom and the Loxford student drive. There are past papers, exam style questions and other useful resources available for students to help them with their learning.

Why choose Mathematics at Loxford?

Having successfully completed your GCSE course in mathematics at grade 7 or above, you are now in a position to tackle Mathematics at a more advanced level. This is a highly regarded and enjoyable A-Level. Students find A-Level Maths a much more stimulating and rewarding course.

Here at Loxford we are very proud of our maths students’ outstanding record of achievement over many years. We can guarantee that every student will receive first class tuition using a variety of teaching strategies. This coupled with our excellent support program makes Loxford an excellent place to study Mathematics.

Where does this course lead?

Maths can lead to a myriad of courses in both further and higher education. Obvious careers may include accountancy, banking, engineering, medicine, computing and scientific statistical research. However, there are many other diverse areas where mathematical skills are recognised as invaluable and essential.