Alice certificateThe Performing Arts’ department consists of Music and Drama. Both these subjects are taught to every child for the first three years in school and they study each of the two subjects for one hour every week in Year 8 and Year 9 and in Year 7, students experience Drama and Music on a carousel: half the year they are doing Drama and the second half Music (or vice-versa),

As a faculty, we strongly believe that people who are in touch with their creativity at a young age, become happier, more balanced people, and they are ultimately more fulfilled and can manage their lives better.

We believe that lunchtime and after school activities on a regular basis enrich the students’ education and give them a greater degree of freedom and expression and allow them to interact with students from other year groups, building a strong sense of community. We aim to further the development of individual responsibility whilst also ensuring the students’ enjoyment through a wide range of activities and experiences which they can choose to participate in.

Students also have the chance to showcase their talent and passion in diverse events organised by the department.

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Listen to some of our students ‘past performances here:

Past Performances/Trips

Royal Opera Trip

On Wednesday 29th of November, 25 Loxford students went to the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden to watch a performance of two short operas: Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci. This was a wonderful experience for many of the students who had never seen an opera before. Many of the students found the story and music very moving and it reduced some students close to tears.

Below are comments made by students who attended:

“Our trip to the opera was a great new experience. It was my first opera and it was so interesting to watch, I would definitely love to see many more. I enjoyed the first performance more than the second one but overall they were both amazing. It was also nice to see how all the instruments came together in the orchestra and how all the instruments came together in the orchestra and how each instrument played their own part in the story line. It also showed how we could also try and portray emotion with our music; the build of tension or even how to close a piece of music like the ending of the story.”

“Our trip to the opera was awesome and enjoyable. I will 100% be going to another one. I was nearly brought to tears with the story line and the music.”

“The opera trip was a very good experience. I thought that it was going to be boring but it was in fact very engaging and funny. I liked both operas but I think the first one was better as it had a nice story line. I liked how they connected the first opera and the second one together.”

“The trip to the opera was amazing and was very enjoyable. Both performances were great. There were subtitles on the top of the stage so I was not confused with what they were singing. The orchestra was beyond outstanding!”

“I thought the operas were very interesting and it was better than I had expected it to be. I had never been to a live opera before so it was a fun new experience for me. Overall, I had a good time.”

It was thoroughly enjoyed by both staff and students and we are looking forward to taking the students to many more.

Barry White styel music, and with full audience participation (including a food fight!), the production was enjoyed by all and will give the students plenty to write about in their exam!