Loxford School Sixth Form is a great opportunity for our students to continue their studies in their own school, with teachers they know and who know them well. Students joining from other schools are equally welcomed and we are pleased that the number of outstanding students is increasing year by year. Our vibrant Sixth Form ensures students achieve their potential and make informed choices about their future.

We look forward to welcoming you to two years of inspiring study and opportunity in our Sixth Form. As a trailblazer school we offer an exciting range of academic, vocational and extra-curricular opportunities within a unique environment that will suit all students.

We offer both the traditional two year A level route as well as a range of BTEC Extended Diplomas which are the equivalent to 3 A levels. We have a strong commitment to independent advice and guidance and through the pastoral system our learners are supported in making the right choices for further study through UCAS or work related pathways.

We believe in developing you beyond the classroom, to fulfil your potential as a fully rounded person with an extended enrichment entitlement to volunteering and cultural opportunities. You will be expected to undertake a volunteering activity whether it be in our Primary phase, leading the student parliament, acting as a ‘Student Leader of Learning’ or in a placement relating to your future. You will also have a cultural entitlement and have many opportunities to enjoy the rich cultural heritage of London. In addition, this extra-curricular package will give you the edge in competing for jobs and university places.

Choosing the correct Sixth Form courses is a very important educational step as it may determine a student’s future career. The courses are far more intensive than GCSE and because external examinations still occur at the end of the first year it is difficult, although not impossible, to change courses once they have started. It is essential, therefore, that students inform themselves and obtain appropriate guidance and advice before making their choice. The school will provide much of this information and advice, but it is essential that the students themselves talk to subject and other students/adults about their suitability as A-level students and their career aspirations. It is important that students choose sixth form courses that they can realistically hope to complete successfully.

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