Welcome to Year 12

Being a sixth form student is an exciting period of your life. The journey will be exhilarating and challenging. You will be expected to work independently and keep to deadlines as well as enhance your employability and likelihood of being accepted into a university. The two years will be an important addition to your qualifications. You will have an onus of independence to accomplish to allow you to mature into a delightful young adult, ready to contribute or make positive changes towards society. This will require a responsible attitude towards your learning. You must be punctual and set high standards for yourself in order to enhance your learning. Organisation is very important at this stage as it will set the habits which will last beyond the sixth form. At Loxford, the attendance must be above 95% at all times.

The dress code in the sixth form should embrace the maturity that is expected of students at Loxford as well as a reflection that is formal for work and business. We want to prepare you for society in a manner that is realistic and conducive which is why it is important that we instill values that are shared across the country.

Independence often requires responsibility and it is vital that you are able to demonstrate that you are capable of maturing. During non-timetabled periods, it is the expectation at Loxford to use this time efficiently to study appropriately in the designated areas provided by the school. We offer various areas to complete work such as the library and canteen area, a dedicated sixth form silent area as well as the newly added recreational activity area to participate in sport to relieve anxiety and tension. All aspects of your academic studies are important as well as your social and emotional wellbeing, therefore you must create an effective work/life balance towards your studies to ensure the best approach is applied towards your outcomes.

Although all members of staff are here to support you and will provide advice and guidance on areas that require it. It is imperative that you expect high standards from your own work to allow progression in studies. You must embrace an investigatory approach towards your learning and use the time available to improve your understanding. Unlike GCSE courses, there is greater emphasis on independent work; therefore you must ensure that you grasp every opportunity to use the time available in an effective manner.

Year 12 and 13 will be challenging, but it is necessary to prepare you for life in wider society.

I look forward to this academic year and wish you every success throughout your chosen courses.

Ms Geke Achievement Team Leader