Welcome to Year 13



Welcome to Year 13.  This year is the most important in your school career.

This year is your final opportunity to achieve the grades on your BTEC or A Level Courses.

It is the culmination of thirteen years of schooling!

As a school, we have two very clear priorities for year 13:

  • All students should aim to maximise their achievement. Whatever grades they received or how many units they completed in year 12, we expect all students to work towards the next grade up. If you are on a C, try to get a B by the end of the year. If you are on a Merit at BTEC, try to get a Distinction.
  • All students should complete an application to university during the autumn term. If a student is unsure about whether they want to go to university, they should still write their application. You can always change your mind later. If you don’t write an application, then you cannot change your mind if you decide you want to go! The school has a team of staff who will support students in this UCAS process.

THE UCAS EARLY  ENTRY DEADLINES  for  candidates (Oxbridge/Veterinary/Medicine and Dentistry) submission is 15th of October 2016.

THE INTERNAL DEADLINE FOR UCAS APPLICATIONS IS TUESDAY 29th NOVEMBER 2016.  It is essential that all students meet this deadline in order that we can check your application and prepare your reference in time for the UCAS deadline in January.  Any applications that are submitted after 29TH November 2016 may be sent to UCAS without being checked.

  • Students and parents are reminded that universities and employers often ask for references throughout year 13 – including on results day in August – which will include questions about attendance and punctuality.  The school can only say that attendance is “outstanding” if it is over 95%.  Poor attendance and punctuality in year 13 can seriously affect your future plans.

In order to achieve their best, students must attend every lesson. Attendance should remain above 95% at all times. If a student is unwell, please telephone the school to let us know why they are absent.

Where a student’s attendance is consistently below 90%, or where absences are unauthorised, a series of meetings with parents will take place.

  • At stage one, parents will be informed that their son or daughter’s attendance is below the expected standard and targets for improvement will be set.
  • At stage two, a formal warning will be issued that attendance must improve or the student’s place in the sixth form will be at risk.  A referral to the Education Welfare Officer may be made.
  • At stage three, a member of the Senior Leadership Team will review the student’s attendance record and decide on further action, including the possibility of action by the Education Welfare Officer or the withdrawal of a student’s place.

Students must be on time to every lesson. Students who are late on two or more occasions in a week will have a detention and will be placed on report.

Homework will be set regularly by teachers.  All homework tasks must be completed on time and to the best of your ability.  This is essential if you are going to achieve your target grades.

In order to be successful at this level students must spend time outside of lessons completing research and private study. This should be between 5 and 9 hours per A Level, or around 15-20 hours for a BTEC course.  All students have non-contact time built into their timetable. This time should be spent in one of our study rooms or in the library. Students must also be spending time at home engaged in their studies.

Students are expected to pick a study area to work in at the start of the lesson and stay there for the rest of the lesson.

Loxford Sixth Form is more than just BTEC and A Level grades.  The school is a community – and the year 13 students are expected to act as role models for younger members of the school.  There are a number of social and charitable events during the year, and lots of opportunities for you to volunteer within the school.

In recent years, Loxford sixth formers have raised thousands of pounds for charities such as Great Ormond Street, Cancer Research, Shelter, Macmillan’s, Barnardos and Wings Of Hope.  Our students have run ICT classes for pensioners, hosted coffee mornings and bake sales, taken part in charity sporting fixtures and organised several charity balls and assemblies.

Students are encouraged to develop skills and experiences outside the classroom.  Some of our students have volunteered for St Johns Ambulance, Police Cadets and taken part in the local youth parliament.  Other students have secured part time employment that allows them to develop key skills that employers and universities value.

Throughout the sixth form, there are opportunities for students to visit museums, galleries, theatres and other places of interest in order to develop their cultural awareness.  Students may attend evening lectures or taster days in their chosen subjects at local universities as well as residentials.

Please note that permission to attend extra-curricular activities will only be given if attendance to school is above 90%.

Loxford has a strict dress code which all members of the sixth form must follow.  Male students must wear a formal shirt and tie with a suit, or a blazer and trousers.  Female students should wear a suit, or a blazer with formal trousers or a knee length skirt.  Jeans, leggings, tight trousers, see through tops and trainers are not allowed.  Students may be sent home to change if they attend school inappropriately dressed: the school will make the final decision about what is acceptable dress.

The Year 13 Parents’ Evening is on THURSDAY 3 MARCH from 4pm to 7pm.  It is essential that all parents and students attend.  This is the final chance for parents and students to meet with teachers, tutors and other staff to help them prepare for the final deadlines and examinations.

Parents will receive formal “tracking” information at three key points in the year.  This will assess how well students are doing, including the BTEC or A Level grades that they are currently on.  Parents and students should use this information to help them plan their work and revision, by comparing the present grades to their ALPS predicted grades and the grades they need for their university choices.  Some parents will be invited in for meetings with the Achievement Team Leader after the tracking, with students placed on a Student Success Plan.  These interventions are intended to help students to achieve their target grades.  Any parent who would like to discuss the tracking information, or indeed discuss their son or daughter’s progress at any time, should feel welcome to contact their form tutor, teachers or ATL.

Most of you have made this journey with me from Year 7 through to Year 12 and as we continue the journey into Year 13, I ask you to push yourself forward, to keep climbing and reach for every opportunity to become successful in your chosen course of study. Our moto “Don’t Let anyone steal your dream” could not be more relevant now, and I hope that you can now envisage yourself in your chosen profession. Rest assured that you will supported and encouraged to be the best that you can be in all subject areas.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Mrs Newsam
Achievement Team Leader