Sports Day

During a warm and sunny July week, KS3 students took part in sports days for their respective year groups. Throughout the sports days, students showed fantastic effort and teamwork and were a great credit to their tutor groups that they were representing. The sports days allowed students to accumulate points for both participation and performance. These points are then added to the inter-form and swimming gala totals accumulated over the year, to work out the overall inter-form champions.

Students had the opportunity to participate in the following track and field events 60m, 150m, 300m, boys/girls/mixed relay, shot put and discus .The Loxford PE department would like to say a big thank you and well done to all of those students who participated and to staff who supported the running of the sports days.

Year 7 Results

1st F 79 points
2nd R 76 points
3rd Y 74 points
4th L 66 points
5th C 58 points
6th D 47 points
7th H 45 points
8th S 40 points
9th X 34 points
10th N 28 points
11th T 22 points


Year 8 Results

1st Y 104 points
2nd C 79 points
3rd S 73 points
4th D 69 points
5th X 66 points
6th F 57 points
7th L 47 points
8th R 46 points
9th N 41 points
10th H 28 points


Year 9 Results

1st F 93 points
1st Y 93 points
2nd X 83 points
3rd D 76 points
4th S 55 points
5th R 53 points
6th C 49 points
7th N 40 points
8th L 38 points
8th H 38 points


Special mentions to the following students who set new school records this year;

Year 7

Dev Jassal 19.6M
Zara Ahmed 12.30M

Mariya Mojumdar 7.75m

Year 8

Warda Imran 8.35m

4 X 75M BOYS RELAY 2017
Azim Alom
Ahmed Jama
Rana Shafi
Riyaad Uddin

Year 9

60M 2017
Gabija Zakaraite 8.91s

300M 2017
Jennifer Quansah 50.42s

4 x 75M GIRLS RELAY 2017
Jasmin Akthar
Gemilie Azika
Maryam Ali
Shamika Lee

Tahsina Writer 16.50m