Research and Development

“Every teacher a learner”

Examples of Educational Research Informing Teaching & Learning Trust-wide

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Action Research

Educational Research Group Project

Our Learning Ethos

As a Teaching School we believe that every teacher is a learner. We learn from each other, from our students, from other schools and from the best evidence-based research. Our teachers understand the need to constantly question ourselves and evaluate our practice in order to provide the best possible experience for our students. We know that the quality of teaching is the biggest influence on student outcomes so we strive to become the best teachers we can be.

Research and Development

At Loxford we use the most reliable and up-to-date educational research to inform our practice. Working groups conduct action research in our own teaching, trialing evidence-based innovations and evaluating the impact of these changes for our students. We also encourage staff to engage in educational research and many Trust members are involved in studying for Masters and Doctorates in education. This learning is shared across the Trust for the benefit of all our students.