Educational Research Informing Teaching & Learning

 “Every teacher a learner”

Teachers at The Loxford Trust Teaching School benefit from high quality INSET based on educational research. We learn from the best quality research and integrate useful strategies into our Teaching and Learning Practice. Our emphasis is always on finding practical applications so that our engagement with research impacts directly on the children in our schools.

For Example:


Professor Barry Hymer trained the whole Loxford Staff on the application of Mindset theory in the classroom. His training is based on the research done by Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University into the impact which student and teacher attitudes towards intelligence have on their learning.


Dweck’s research shows that cultivating a “Growth Mindset” in students – the belief that intelligence is not “fixed” and can be constantly increased through effort and practice – has a huge impact on students’ overall attainment. Teachers at Loxford consequently use “Growth Mindset” language to motivate and inspire students, encouraging our learners to choose challenge and emphasizing the need for students to focus on their own progress rather than comparing their grades to their peers. Our emphasis on effort and our commitment to challenging students to achieve more than they believe possible is a cornerstone of our ambition for all students regardless of their perceived ability.