School to School Support

The Loxford School Trust Teaching School Alliance is dedicated to improving standards through school-to-school partnership working and support with the aim of improving opportunities for all children and young people; raising their achievement and aspirations by providing access to outstanding education.

The purpose of our support is to narrow the gaps between schools within The Loxford Trust and beyond; developing partnership working with and between schools to raise aspiration, ambition, expectation and standards in all schools.

The Loxford School Trust Teaching School Alliance can broker and oversee the deployment of National Leaders of Education (NLEs), and Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) in order to support all schools on their journey of improvement.  We have specialists in a range of curricular and leadership areas with a proven track record of inspirational transformation in a range of schools across both primary and secondary phases.  To request support from one of our NLEs or SLEs please complete the form within the ‘Booking‘ section of this website or click here.

Becoming a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE)

You can apply to become a Specialist Leader of Education through The Loxford Trust Teaching School Alliance if you meet certain statutory eligibility criteria.  You don’t need to be in an outstanding school or a school that is part of a teaching school alliance, but your school will need to have the capacity to release you to work in other schools.  To find out more information please click here.

If you do meet the statutory eligibility criteria you will need to complete the application form which can be found here.  There are sections for both you and your Headteacher to complete before your application is submitted to The Loxford Trust Teaching School Alliance.