Tree Planting in Loxford Park

On Monday the 13th November, a group of  year 7 and year 12 students went to Loxford Park to help plant maple trees to support the charity ‘Trees for Cities’.   Students worked together to help dig up the soil, plant the trees and create a habitable environment for the tree to grow. Our students worked really hard  and showed great team spirit , they are so proud of what they have achieved they decided to name the trees Mavis, Matilda and Mable.  Our students are really looking forward to being able to see their trees grow over the coming years.  Tree planting will be happening throughout the months of November and December at Loxford Park and welcome the local residents to come along and help.  This weekend local residents are invited to come along to help plant tress under the supervision of a local charity called “Trees for Cities”.  They will also be providing some snacks to keep you going and  expert instruction on how to plant the trees.  The aim is to  plant many trees to improve the landscape of the park along with Redbridge as a whole.  So if you fancy having a go, why not pop along to Loxford Park at the weekend.

Danielle Siequien,
Year 12 Year Care Team.