Trip to Museum of London

1097-2720-lss_gallery__c__museum_of_londonSugar slaveryOn the 20th June, the Social Inclusion Department took 10 Year 7 and Year 8 students to the Museum of London. The purpose of the trip was to raise their awareness of the English culture and be able to draw similarities with their own culture.  Students were given a tour of the museum. They learned about the story of London before the city was even built.

Students discovered how Londinium (Roman name of London), come to life and what daily life was like in the city 2000 years ago.

They also visited the exhibition of Medieval London from the collapse of the Roman city to the accession of Queen Elizabeth I.

The visit concluded with students having knowledge and understanding about the revolutions in technology, fashion and culture that have transformed London into the world renowned metropolis of today.

They had lunch together at the end of the visit and discussed what impressed them during the visit.

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