Year 13 Law Trip

RCJ Trip PhotoLast Tuesday the Y13 Law students had the pleasure of attending a trip to various courts in London. We were given a fantastic tour of the Royal Courts of Justice, the second most important Court in England, and had the opportunity to watch a live trial take place. The court held splendid displays of Legal robes and history, dating back as far as the Tudors, and deals with some of the most high profile cases in England and abroad. Following this we were taken around Lincolns Inn and explored the history surrounding the courts and the law. Finally, we attended a trial at the Old Baily Court where we witnessed a cross examination of a key witness in an attempted murder trial.  The Law students gained invaluable first-hand experience as to the procedures within a court, including what the questioning of a witness entails, the role of a Barrister, Jury, Clerk and the Judge.

Aisha Magho