Aladdin Jr.

Last week Loxford School was transformed into an Arabian wonder with 4 performances of Aladdin Jr. The 2 primary school and 2 evening performances were a raging success. 30 students from year 7-10 danced, sang and performed to such a high standard that they impressed the audiences with their energy, enthusiasm and portrayal of their characters. There was huge mix of experience with some students regularly taking part in Loxford productions as well as those, for whom it was their first time performing to such a large audience. There was a different cast for each of the evening performances, giving all students the opportunity to showcase their talent. Notable performances were the fantastic showmanship demonstrated by the Genies, the menacing Jafar and his sidekick parrot Iago, the beautiful song stylings of the Jasmines and the main protagonist Aladdin. All students worked incredibly hard to put the play together and they delivered exceptional performances that were a resounding success.
Well done cast!