Art Dept trip to the V&A

On Friday, the 15th of February 2019, the Art Dept. conducted a Year 11 field trip to the V&A Museum to gather research on their chosen exam topic. Various themes on display include the function of buildings and their response to climate; the art of architecture and changing architectural styles; materials and structures and how buildings are made and finally what happens when buildings come together in towns and cities. The students explored the Architecture Gallery of the V&A featuring world class collections of drawings, models, photographs and architectural fragments. As part of their research remit, the students used their observational skills to replicate the artworks through drawing and photography. The students were encouraged to further advance their knowledge Architecture through the interactive videos & synopsis relating to the various artworks. Students were inspired by the striking architectural forms and this will provide inspiration in the completion of their exam research topic.

Students enjoyed the practical activities throughout the day and came away very enthusiastic.