Artist-in-Residence – Oil Painting Workshop

The Art department invited a group of their gifted and talented art students in Year 10 & 12 to attend an oil painting based workshop on Thursday (26/06/2019). The workshop was led by Ishai Rimmer, a practicing artist-in-residence who has been working closely with the Art Department this summer term.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The artwork produced will contribute to the student’s current art course and will be an asset to them.

Students Feedback:

“In this workshop, we have learnt many things about art. We found out that, even if you make a mistake don’t worry, use it as your expression. We need to express ourselves through victory and fails” (Thanikaa, Year 10)

“I found the workshop really enjoyable as it gave me a chance to just paint without having a clear constructed view on what the end result would be, which I believe is a struggle many people face while doing any type of work. The atmosphere and the room full of creative people made this into an experience that will resonate with me and the way I execute my oil painting and other mediums” (Amina, Year 12)

“I extremely enjoyed the oil paint workshop because we have learned new skills and tricks. We have also learned professional artistic skills of how different solvents melt paint to create an artistic effect. Ultimately I feel like the workshop contributes to the students getting grades as it makes you stand out from the rest” (Minhaz, Year 10)

“I really enjoyed the workshop because I learnt a lot of different skills such as mapping out in charcoal. I also liked oil painting as it was my first time and it was a great experience”( Zainab, Year 10)

“I really enjoyed the workshop, I learnt new skills and it was fun just to explore with different texture. I found it useful” (Shaema, Year 10)

“I enjoyed the oil paint workshop as it taught me to express my art freely while learning new skills. I’ve learnt how to work with oil paint using primary colours to create a final composition” (Alisha, Year 10)