Barcelona Trip

Viva Barcelona!

The Spanish Department has recently taken some students on a residential trip to Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. The aim of the trip was to offer students a real linguistic and cultural experience of Spain. With the increasing globalization and internationalization happening everywhere, it was an amazing opportunity for our students to expand their worldview, to be taken out of their comfort zone and also get to appreciate another culture. Below are a couple of articles by the students and also some of the pictures taken during the trip.

“From Wednesday 20th June to Saturday 23rd June a group of students went to Barcelona, Spain. It was an amazing experience and I learnt a lot about Spanish culture and tried traditional food like paella. The market was colourful and vibrant; the atmosphere was lively. We also went to the Sagrada Familia and the architecture was beautiful.” Esha


“In Spain we did a lot of different activities,. such as a tour of the impressive church, swimming at the beach and shopping on Las Ramblas. I loved the food, it was all so yummy, especially the seafood! My favourite part of the whole experience was watching the flamenco show, it was amazing!” Tahsina


“The trip to Barcelona was an eye-opener, it was just an amazing experience! I was able to explore a whole new culture and country. I feel so overwhelmed with all the experiences and am so grateful to have been on this trip. I did not think that I would enjoy it as much as I did. I feel more confident speaking Spanish as I could make myself understood at the Spanish school we attended. I made new friendships and the trip was unforgettable!” Kareena


“I really enjoyed the trip to Barcelona, the weather was amazing and we did so much. My favourite thing about it was that we got to see the Sagrada Familia and it was absolutely beautiful. We all went swimming in the ocean and shopping down Las Ramblas where I was able to buy some souvenirs for my family.” Christina