BRAVE (Building Resilience Against Violence and Extremism)

On Friday 8th February 2019 a workshop was put on by The St Giles trust. This workshop, entitled Building Resilience Against Violence and Extremism (BRAVE), was aimed at our Year 9 and 12 pupils and helped highlight difficulties the youth in society are often exposed to.

Difficulties such as peer pressure to be involved in crime and hate-groups are common among young people as they are very malleable and often perceived as easy targets.
The talk exposed the issues facing young people, including getting involved in violence and crime. The session made students aware of how to prevent themselves becoming involved in crime, violence and the issues of extremism.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and had some interesting questions for the visitors about how they had managed to stay away from Violence and extremism. The sessions also focused on gangs and the impact of gang culture. Students felt more confident about some of the issues which face young people today.