Careers in Accountancy Conference

Ten Year 12 students were given the opportunity to attend a Careers in Accountancy Conference.

Run by the London School of Business and Finance, the event offered the opportunity to receive insights into accountancy from past students of the ACCA and AAT together with recruitment specialists. Students learnt how to join the profession today, what accounting is as a job and how it is expected to change into the future. Recent students spoke about what they do, day to day, and how they have achieved in their careers to date.

Here’s what they learnt:

‘Accountancy is a very long process…..the salary is very good’

‘You can begin as an intern and become a manager’

‘The information given on apprenticeships was very helpful.’

Here’s what they enjoyed:

‘Personal accounts of peoples’ different jobs and routes in’

Plus a free lunch, free notebooks and other goodies!