Electronic Engineering at York

Y12 BTEC Science students were invited to meet with a graduate student of Electronic Engineering at York, on Wednesday 18th July. The session included a description of electronic engineering, identifying different applications, projects, life at university outside of London and how to choose your university course.

Students had the opportunity to ask questions and were quizzed about their ideas of electronic engineering.

Here’s what students had to say:

‘It gave me a wider view on the courses provided through engineering and allowed me to have a more solid opinion of what I want to do during uni’

‘I was interested hearing about specialisation fields in electronics, I loved learning about how electronics could be utilised to real problems. I absolutely loved it!’

‘Really fantastic and eye opening  – very inspiring’

‘Interesting to know applications of what we do now and what comes after uni’

‘Great advice for uni life, which unit etc. New info about degree apprenticeships.’

‘I like the fact that I can do this subject without liking electronics!’

‘I found out how useful transistors were in the electronics world’