England Boxing 2018 National Championships

I have just competed in the England Boxing 2018 National Championships 54kg category.  I was crowned as the London Boxing Champion on 29th April, when I won the bout with a split decision win.  The London Championships were held in Feltham.  My bout was scheduled the last fight of the night, which in one way was good, as it meant the crowd was less.

Now being the London Champion, I had to face the Home & Eastern Counties Champion in the Quarter Finals of the tournament once again held in Feltham on the 13th May.  At this point in the tournament only the best Boxing clubs and fighters made it to this stage, I fought hard and successfully secured my place in the Semi Finals by winning with a unanimous decision; this made me recognised as 1 of the 4 top boxers in England in my category.

The Semi Finals was held on the 20th May in Harrow, with a two ring venue.  This was due to the vast amount of bouts and fighters fighting to become the England Southern Champion, and progress to the National Finals.  Unfortunately I lost in the Semi Final with close split decision, 2 out of 5 judges were in my favour.

In order for me to compete at a National level, I train 6 days a week.   I train for 2 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at my Boxing Club called Fairbairn BC.  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I work on my stamina and fitness by running 2.5-5km.  While training during the boxing season I try my best by being disciplined in my training and eating a healthy diet.

My club is in Ilford suited off the High Road, on Connaught Lane.  This is my first season as a licensed boxer, we have some of the best boxing coaches in London, and one of my coaches is an ex-Loxford student!   Next season I will train harder and further develop my skills and techniques to become England’s National Champion.