Ford Visit

On the 22/6/18 we took 10 aspiring Female Engineers from Loxford school to the annual Ford event celebrating International Women in Engineering, unfortunately in the UK there are currently only 11% of women who make up the Engineering taskforce, figures which Ford are keen to improve, the day was designed so Girls from 10 neighbouring schools can learn and participate in activities/talks and tours of facilities and to clarify the myths that suggest Engineering is a ‘Mans job’. The girls were fully immersed in all the activities on offer and really excited to get opportunities to see and hear about the day to day tasks engineers have to perform when doing testing, ranging from Climatic to test driving the latest models and how they use this information to enhance the performance of their vehicles.

The talks which were led by experienced to newly qualified engineers was refreshing and really informative and the girls all commented on how inspired they felt, and more importantly they were surprised as to how engaging the event was, with some looking to change options to suit a path leading to Engineering, and also asking if they could come back next year!