GCSE Results Day

Following on from my letter to you all on 17th August I would like to give you more information regarding GCSE results day.

Students will be able to come and collect their results from 9am onwards please see your times below. All students will be entering through the main entrance of the school (socially distanced).

Results will be collected by Surname (alphabetically). Please follow the clear signage – only a certain number of students will allowed in at a time. The school will be operating a one way system around the school.

We have to strictly follow Government guidance and will be asking all students to follow the 1m+ rule. We can only allow our students into school to collect results. No parents or carers allowed to accompany the students inside of school. Please wait outside of the school site if you are accompanying a student. 

Please see the outline below: 

Students should only collect their GCSE results at the following times.


Time slot  

A – B 

9.00am – 9.30am 

C – H 

9.30am – 10.00am 

I – L 

10.00am – 10.30am  

M – P 

10.30am – 11.00am 

Q – S 

11.00am – 11.30am 

T – Z 

11.30am – 12.00pm 

After collecting your results, you will proceed straight to enrolment in the assembly hall for 6th Form


Your GCSE results 

You will be receiving your final grades issued from the exam boards. JCQ have confirmed that exam boards will provide us with your final grade which ever grade is highest (this is between the centre assessed grade or your calculated grade)

The process used to award the centre assessed grades (CAGs) was very detailed, thorough and in line with the OFQUAL guidance.  Teachers used a broad range of information to generate CAGs, including:

• Students’ mock exam results

• The results of any other assessments students completed in school

• Students’ progress since the last set of mock exams and tracking data

• The classwork and independent learning (IL) completed before school closures

The professional judgements made by teachers were checked by a rigid process (with the Heads of Department, SLT and the Headteacher) where this was quality assured at every stage to ensure fairness and consistency in the grades awarded.

Any queries with examination results please see Mr Thurai in the Library tomorrow. As it stands as a centre we will not be appealing any of our CAG grades due to our robust process for awarding these grades.

We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and to help congratulate you on your results and support you with Sixth Form enrolment.


Good Luck

Mrs Johnson