Germ Defence

With Covid-19 infections still high and people preparing for Christmas gatherings, it is vitally important to try to reduce the spread of infection in people’s homes as this is where infections are now most likely to be transmitted. Research suggests people who follow the advice from Germ Defence are less likely to catch flu or other viruses and less likely to pass it on to members of their household.

Germ Defence provides personalised advice on how to protect everyone in the household from infection. ‘Germ Defence’ was designed so that anyone can use and benefit from information and ideas on how to lower your risk of catching viral illnesses. This includes techniques for handwashing (when, where and how to wash your hands effectively), keeping a safe distance, not touching your face, and information to help you decide if you need to wear masks. In addition, the website provides advice on how to look after family and friends who are ill, but still protect yourself.  The website has been updated for Covid-19 by a team of health researchers at Bristol, Southampton and Bath universities, working with members of the public and Public Health England, and with funding from National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and UK Research Institute (UKRI).