Guardian trip

On 25th June, Year 10 Loxford students have the privileged of going to The Guardian offices in central London and spending a day they learning how to be newspaper journalists and editors.

The students researched, wrote and edited stories for a four page newspaper in 3 teams, responding in real time to the day’s breaking news stories.

They took on the range of reporting and editing roles necessary to produce a newspaper. Each team included:

  • Overall editor
  • Home news editor(s)
  • World news editor(s)
  • Entertainment & culture editor
  • Science & technology editor
  • Sports editor

Each editor was responsible for researching and selecting stories for their section, after which the teams held news conference to decide on which will make it into the paper. The overall editor then assigned the stories to their team members and all students took on reporting roles.

As stories were completed, students move into subediting, picture editing and production roles to ensure their paper was finished before their deadline – which they all managed to do!

The students had a wonderful and eye-opening day at one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world.