International visit – Salwan Public School (India)


We welcomed pupils and teachers from Salwan Public School (Delhi, India) as part of the international exchange programme. Pupils were delighted to engage in a range of subjects, including English, Maths, Food Technology, Art, Textiles and Economics. It also provided an opportunity for pupils from both schools to learn about eachothers’ cultures and values.

“Our students were awestricken! Some of them wanted to stay on. Some are making plans to do their undergraduate courses in London.” – Sakshi Batra (Science Teacher, Salwan Public School, India).

“I gained a wider perspective of the educational system and teaching styles.” – Sara Motianpuria (Pupil, Salwan Public School, India).

” I loved how people/students were very excited to interact with us and know about our country”. Paridhi Jolly (Pupil, Salwan Public School, India).

A further international school trip to India is planned for April 2019.