Leyton Orient Kicks programme at Loxford

‘The Loxford PE department and Vision Leisure have been working closely alongside the Leyton Orient Trust to maximise opportunities for the local community to take place in regular physical activity for free at the Loxford sports centre. Sessions have been running throughout the year on Thursday and Friday evenings. The PE department recently met with Hafizul Haque the lead development coach for the Leyton Orient Trust and in recognition of the schemes continued success, were awarded with a framed signed Leyton Orient shirt. The programme has had a fantastic impact, with many Loxford students and members of the wider community becoming engaged with sport. The PE department, Vision and Leyton Orient Trust are continuing to work closely with each other to see how this programme can continue to develop and improve the outcomes for the local community.

Mubarak Adeyemo Loxford year 11 student – Premier League League Kicks Hero

‘Attending the Premier League Kicks sessions every Friday has helped me. Not only towards my football, it has helped me be more social and stay off the streets. Before I knew about these Friday session I would go out and hang around with my friends and do nothing that was productive but finding out about these sessions I came down and the coaches made me feel welcome, especially coach Hafiz he’s the reason why I grew better and better as a player and as a person he will take charge of the sessions and make it enjoyable and of course competitive.


One recent example was last year in the October holidays, Leyton Orient had held a Kicks tournament that had a good turn out and I was very grateful for attending and being the captain for my team representing Loxford and Leyton Orient against other teams like Arsenal. I have improved on my dribbling as a left back, my spatial awareness and passing forward. I have also improved on being able to start at the back and drive with the ball.


I’ve loved every single one of the sessions even when my friends weren’t turning up I would come or when they said let’s go out I would say no I’m going Leyton Orient Kicks, all these sacrifices were for a good cause. I just want to say a big thank you to Coach Hafiz and Leyton Orient Kicks staff; I hope the sessions will continue as I love them.”

At Loxford, we strongly believe that Physical Education and Sport provides students with an excellent opportunity to refine skills such as team work, leadership, communication, decision making and developing the mental determination to succeed. These attributes will help your child not only in their academic school life, but in their adult lives also. Sport and Physical Education is an important component of a healthy active lifestyle and developing mental, social and physical well-being.  We encourage students and members of the local community, to be actively involved in sport both inside and outside of school to fully develop their performance and understanding.

The Loxford PE department would like to say a big thank you and well done to all of those students who have participated in the sessions and to the Leyton Orient Trust for their continued invaluable work alongside our local community.

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