London Symphony Orchestra Trip

Quotes from students describing their experience. 

“This was such a fun experience- the musical pieces were captivating and I felt so many emotions at once while listening to them. Thank you Miss!”

“This trip was outstanding! The orchestra players were so talented and the experience made my musical knowledge expand. I would definitely go again.”

“I really enjoyed this trip as it was so phenomenal to see a real live orchestra. This gave me a cultural experience of the musical world and this inspired me to continue my musical studies as I would love to be a performer one day.”

“The musical pieces that we heard were so heartfelt and strong that the music actually brought tears to my eyes. We are so lucky to have had this experience- it would be wonderful to plan more trips like this so more people can be as inspired as I was.”

“This was a great insight to our future musical careers!”

“Five words- once in a lifetime experience.”

“This was such a memorable and indelible experience that I will never forget. Thank you Miss Riddell for organizing this!”