Loxford school featured on the Diana Award newsletter

Loxford School, London

The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors at Loxford School have worked incredibly hard over the last few months to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week and earn their Respect Badge!

The team wanted to use creative methods to tackle bullying behaviour in their school; in lessons they created anti-bullying abstract art pieces, drama performances, made posters to stick up around school and designed T-shirts to spread their message even further. To help earn the team’s Respect Badge, students were tasked with creating videos on what to do if you experience or witness racism. They were also asked to write blogs about their experiences of bullying behaviour which helped give students the confidence to speak out about bullying. We loved how many creative activities were used to encourage the whole school to reflect on how to support anti-bullying work and we can’t wait to see what Loxford School do next!