Microsoft Store Trip with Modern Muse

On Friday 29th November, Loxford girls were invited to a Modern Muse event at the Microsoft Store, Oxford Circus. Modern Muse is an organisation set up to support and further the careers of women into top positions, particularly within the STEM industry. It does this by promoting events and through a website aimed at a creating network of Modern Muses – women role models! On this occasion we were privileged to meet Microsoft’s CEO for the UK, Cindy Rose.

During the event, organised by Donna Robinson the director of Modern Muse, pupils from two schools met Microsoft employees and took part in activities, culminating in small group plans for how they could change the future. Our girls did us proud, in the way they worked together with the other students, and the ideas that they came up with for dealing with climate change, loneliness, and to use technology to improve the welfare of people with dementia.

Here’s what Loxford girls had to say about the event:

  • Microsoft isn’t just about technology and computers, it has other factors, eg. Law
  • In life your path will always change
  • I found out how technology impacts our lives and how we can use it to change the world ‘
  • ‘I learnt how there’s a variety of fields you can go to’
  • ‘I learnt that they are a very diverse community…I loved the gaming area!’
  • ‘I learnt that not everything you plan in life will happen accordingly and your career path can change’
  • ‘the opportunities that Microsoft offers with apprenticeships and opinions of girls in tech’
  • ‘..that to get into what you want to, especially tech, there isn’t only one way’