Mike Haines talk

A few weeks ago a former military officer, Mike Haines, came to our school to share his horrific story about his considerate and kind-hearted brother, David, who was killed by ISIS terrorists. David helped refugees in war torn countries no matter who they were or what they believed in. David risked his life to help those in need.

The assembly was both emotional and inspirational. Mike’s story was very moving and touching. Mike Haines is encouraging us to kill hate and anger with kindness. Living with animosity, outrage and revenge won’t ever end and will only lead to divisions in society and religion. Terrorists have no society or religion and want us to retaliate just like them.

Mike Haines’ relationship with people from different cultures, religions and race has proved that everyone is different in their own ways and no one should be judged on the actions of a few. Mike Haines’ overarching message is to destroy hate in peoples’ hearts and replace it with kindness and compassion.

Aymon in Year 10