“New Rules” Performance and talk

On Friday July 5th, the upcoming Boy Band “New Rules” came to Loxford to perform some of their new singles and to also educate Years 9 and 10 on mental health and how to deal with stress and relationships. They began by introducing themselves and performing two songs. They then sang a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of you” which was amazing. Questions then followed these songs and everyone was able to participate. After this, the band then talked about their own past experiences with mental health issues in school and how they overcame stress in school. They also gave the students really good tips on how they can deal with stressful situations in school such as relationships and friendships breaking up and how to cope with the stress of exams and revision. The students were also given additional tips on how to be safe online and when using different apps. The students all enjoyed the performance by “New Rules” and feel they will be able to use their tips to help them deal with stress, mental health issues and handling difficult relationships.