Nursing Opportunities

On Wednesday 4th July, Y12 BTEC Science students were treated to a session with Assistant Practitioner, Ben, who works in the Accident & Emergency department of the Whittington Hospital. Ben talked about blood pressure, how it is measured, what it means and why it is an important indication of medical condition. Students were given opportunities to ask questions and share knowledge, take blood pressure readings and have a go at CPR.

Ben described some of his duties; how he assesses patients when they come into A&E and told students about how he is working and training at university at the same time.

Here’s what students had to say:

‘I’ve been at Loxford for 6 years and this was the most helpful thing…..the workshop showed me a clear vision of how a medical is like as it was very interactive. I was able to absorb a lot of information. I myself want to go into medicine and I didn’t have much hope as I’m on a BTEC course. However Ben, the nurse, showed that no matter what course you are on, if you work hard it can take you far’


‘I enjoyed learning about the heart. For instance I came across new facts and keywords such as aorta…..the idea that blood pressure is affected by diet, lack of exercise etc…’


‘It was a productive lesson. We learned a lot about how Cpr was performed and how blood pressure is checked. Nursing is a good qualification and I might have it as an option.’


‘It taught me how to use manual and automatic blood pressure machines. I learnt a lot on how to read blood pressure and the optimal blood pressure…..I learnt the difference between a nurse and a doctor’