Poetry together trip

On the 1st and the 15th October, volunteers from Year 12 and 13 teamed up with Seabrook Manor Care Home to take part in a nationwide initiative by Gyles Brandreth and Dukes Education called ‘Poetry Together.’ The staff at the care home were extremely welcoming as the students and residents read and discussed Maya Angelou’s ‘On Aging’. Following this, everyone shared tea and cake and spent time getting to know one another. The staff and residents commented that all the students were extremely lovely young people and that they would welcome them back at any opportunity. We look forward to this continued relationship, establishing ties between the students and the local community.


“I really enjoyed the trip as I had the opportunity to visit people at a care home and read a poem to them, which was about staying strong at an old age.  It was very nice to see them happy and having a discussion about their interests and their past”   Asif year 12


“Visiting the care home was an eye-opening experience for me. Admittedly, before I managed to meet the wonderful people, I thought that the communication may have been entirely one-sided and I felt nervous about meeting the people. I realised I was wrong to feel nervous and that they had a similar mind-set and opinion to us.  I found myself laughing and enjoying their company.  One person stuck out for me, she was full of charisma and shared her stories and experiences with me.  She was a clear example of a resilient woman who never stopped fighting.”      Subhan year 12


“The entire experience was enlightening and joyful.  It was lovely to see others have such a passion for life and appreciate everything they had. All of the stories the ladies told me I won’t ever forget.  They touched my heart and humbled all those who went.  It’s an experience everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing.  The whole time we were there it was as though we disconnected from the outside and spent valuable, quality time with those more wise and knowledgeable.  I cannot wait to visit again!”    Iqra year 12