image_1452264291_568fcb637602d[1]Loxford School sits on a large site between Ilford and Barking. We were fortunate to benefit from the BSF scheme with both the Secondary and Primary phases being brand new. Our new spacious, well-lit buildings offer high-quality ‘state of the art’ facilities for both vocational and academic learning. We were the first All-through school in Redbridge.

The design of the building aims to reflect the school’s successful ethos, and its pledge to ensure that every student is given the opportunity to achieve their potential whether their talents lie in the arts, literature, sport, science, technologies or more traditional subjects. The school is fully networked, so that computer-aided learning on PCs, tablets and laptop computers can take place throughout the site.

We are now settled in our Primary and Secondary phase accommodation and the demolition of the old school secondary building is complete, it was sad to see the building disappear as it has been Loxford School since 1972 and some staff have been involved with the old building for a great number of years. But it was time to move on and the new school stands in the grounds of the old school looking every much a 21st century building.  The old school site has now been fully developed to provide a much needed sports facility for the staff, students and local community. The school now has three multi games surfaces for football, netball, basketball and tennis all of which are floodlit.  Early on in the project, the school secured funding of £500,000 for an artificial football pitch. This floodlit facility has also been installed and is used by students, staff and the local community. The main sports field has been seeded and drainage installed giving a further two football pitches and a cricket wicket. The ground source heat pumps are now working saving us energy costs and helping us do our bit for the planet. We are getting to grips with the high tech systems that control the new school and as part of a building energy study, we are closely monitoring our new school facilities and continue to look towards lowering our energy consumption.

Our extensive sporting facilities are open to the local community and sports clubs throughout the week, all year round. As well as the sports facilities, other facilities in the school are also available for adult learning and community use.

If you are interested in hiring any of our facilities then please use this link – (Link to Facilities)

Our facilities include:

  • Learning Resource Centres for each phase.
  • Dedicated Sixth Form Study Areas.
  • A Sports Centre with Swimming Pool. Flood lit Astro-Turf, Football Pitches and Athletics Track.
  • Drama and Music Centres
  • A Dedicated AEND area.
  • Over 2000 computers for student use including iMac Suites.
  • A rooftop Art/Photography Suite with state of the art dark room.
  • Specialist classrooms including 14 Science Laboratories.
  • Two Assembly Halls and Dining Areas.
  • A Teacher training classroom and conference area.

Local Context

Acorn Classification is 40 (High Occupancy Terraces), the local area is describe as having particularly low-cost terraced housing characterised by many young families of Asian origin living alongside East European immigrants and single parents. Very Similar in makeup to Southall, parts of Birmingham and Manchester. The tenure divides evenly between those that own their property outright, those with a mortgage and those renting Social Housing. There is a growing population of eastern European students who again come from extremely disadvantaged and challenging backgrounds.
The large majority of families live in rented accommodation and in some cases multiple families sharing one household.

Average income in the area is below average and qualification levels are low with the majority of occupants in the area having manual or junior administrative jobs. The local area has higher than average numbers claiming job seekers allowance and the trend is rising. Acorn index indicates that the majority of families in the local area are finding their financial situations difficult. For women in these areas their primary occupation is a domestic role within the house. There is also a significantly high number of single parents and for them work may not be a practical option, due to high childcare expenses.
Analysis of Local Crimes rates indicate this local area experiences a higher than average crime rate.

Post Code analysis shows that the majority of students live in Loxford Ward which is in the 10% most deprived in the country with significant overcrowding (33.6%).
Ethnic Minority breakdown – over 90% of the school are from ethnic minority backgrounds. White British are 1.25% of the population; this has led to a high level of EAL with over 50.